This tutorial introduces the standard workflow for terrain processing by LiDAR360.


  1. Due to multipath effect, there are gross noise points in the point cloud data. Click Data Management > Point Cloud Tools > Remove Outliers to remove outlier points of point cloud data.
  2. Click Classify >Classify Ground Points to classify ground points for unclassified point cloud.
  3. For the result of ground points classification at first time, if the classification results of a large number of points are inaccurate due to unreasonable parameter settings, you can click Classify > Classify by Attribute to restore the point cloud category to unclassified and set parameters again for reclassification.
  4. After ground points classification, for the inaccuracy of local area point cloud classification, you can use the Classify Ground by Selected or Classify by Interactive Edit to perform the ground point classification of the local area.
  5. Make sure the classification of ground point cloud is accurate, then click Terrain > DEM or Terrain > DSM to generate DEM or DSM. Currently the software provides three ways to generate DEM or DSM from the point cloud: TIN, Kriging, IDW.
  6. Click Terrain > Hillshade to create a hillshade map. This tool determines the illumination-enhanced surface visualization by setting each cell in the raster. At the same time, you can click Data Management> Conversion>Convert TIFF to LiModel to convert single-band Tiff images to LiModel. The LiModel data can be viewed in 3D view more intuitively. In addition, the LiModel data can be edited by clicking Terrain > LiModel Editor for generating a better quality of DEM model. Similarly, DSM data can also be operated as above.
  7. There are two ways to generate contour lines: Raster to Contour and Point Cloud to Contour. By these two ways, you can generate contours from the DEM raster data generated in the previous step or use the ground points after the fourth step classification. In addition, the TIN can be generated from the ground point cloud, and the result of ground points classification can be viewed more intuitively. The TIN model can be modified by clicking Terrain > LiTIN Editor, and then click Terrain > TIN to Contour to generate contour lines.

Tutorial Videos

  1. LiDAR360 Classify Ground Points
  2. LiDAR360 Classify Ground by Selected
  3. LiDAR360 Terrain Module

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