Strip Alignment

This tutorial introduces the standard workflow of strip alignment for airborne LiDAR point clouds through boresight calibration by LiDAR360.


  1. Data Quality Inspection Data Quality Inspection is required to make sure the data meets the requirements of strip alignment module. It improves the alignment quality after processing.

  2. Click Strip Alignment > Boresight to align strips through boresight calibration.

  3. (Optional) Click Strip Alignment > Elevation Difference Inspection to analyze the elevation difference between point clouds.

  4. (Optional) Click Overllapped Cut Overlap in the Strip Alignment module. For point cloud from LiDAR, the smaller the scanning angle, the higher the quality of the corresponding point cloud. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the point cloud data in the area, the low quality redundant points in the overlapped regions can be removed.

Tutorial Videos

  1. Point Cloud Generation

  2. LiDAR360 Strip Adjustment Module

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