Data Management

>>Point Cloud Tools

Feature Brief
Remove Outliers Remove outlier points of the point cloud
Noise Filter Remove outlier points of the point cloud
Normalize by DEM Normalize the point cloud, need DEM corresponding to the point cloud
Normalize by Ground Points Normalize the point cloud, request ground points for the point cloud
Tile by Range Tile the point cloud data to by range
Tile by Point Number Tile the point cloud data by point number
Merge Merge multiple point cloud files into single one
Extract Point Cloud Boundary Extract the boundary of the point cloud data
Subsampling Provide three ways of subsampling point clouds: Minimum Points Spacing, Sampling Rate, Octree
PCV Improve visualization of point cloud
Extract Color from Image Add the RGB value of multi-band image data color to the corresponding point cloud data
Subdivision Rectangular subdivision method for point cloud data

>>Projections and Transformations

Feature Brief
Define Projection Define projection information for point cloud data
Reproject Convert the point cloud by reprojection
Transformation Provide four ways of transforming point cloud data
Elevation Adjustment Transform the elevation of the point cloud data
Four-parameter Solution Calculate the four parameters
Seven-parameter Solution Calculate the seven parameters


Feature Brief
Clip Provide three ways to clip point cloud data: Clip by Circle,

Clip by Rectangle, Clip by Polygon


Feature Brief
Convert LiData to Other Formats Convert LiData to five file formats: Las, ASCII, TIFF, DXF, Shape
Convert Las to LiData Support Las 1.0-1.3 & Laz formats
Convert TIFF to LiModel Convert single-band raster data to LiModel format
Convert to Texture LiModel Map color values of the DOM data to the LiModel model for display
Convert LiModel to TIFF Convert LiModel format files to raster images in TIFF format
Convert TIFF to ASCII Convert TIF format raster images to files in ASCII format
Convert TIFF to LiData Convert TIF format raster images to files in LiData format


Feature Brief
Extract LiData by different ways Provide five ways to extract LiData from the point cloud data: Class, Elevation, Intensity, Return, Time

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