Feature Brief
Classify Ground Points Classify ground points by an improved progressive TIN densification filtering algorithm, could also choose the tool of Classify Ground by Selected to classify ground points
Extract Median Ground Points Extract thicker ground points from UAV points cloud data
Classify by Attribute Classify points by specific attribute
Classify Low Points Classify noise point that is lower than the actual terrain
Classify by Below Surface Classify points that are below the elevation of the surrounding neighborhood
Classify Isolated Points Classify outlier points in the air or below the ground
Classify Air Points Classify points that are higher than the surrounding points into airborne noise points
Classify by Height Above Ground Classify the points on the surface of the terrain with a certain height
Classify by Min Elevation Difference Classify the points which are at a certain height within a certain radius
Classify Buildings Classify buildings of point cloud data
Classify Powerlines Classify power lines of point cloud data
Classify Model Key Points Classify the key points on the terrain and relatively subsample the points on the ground
Classify by Machine Learning Classify points by machine learning or classify points by a certain machine learning model

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