Layer Management

Brief:Vector editing is managed with layers, which means a file is treated as a layer. Clicking the triangle button of the "File" will show the drop-down menu, including the "New File", "Open File", "Save File", "Remove File" and "Export File" functions.

Layer Management

New File

Please make sure the point cloud data has been loaded in the window. If not, the pop-up window will warn you to add a point cloud, as shown in the figure below.:

Layer Management

If point cloud data has been loaded in current window, the dialog will open:

Layer Management
  1. Select the folder which the layer located.
  2. Select the drop-down layer name which includs control points, houses, railways, roads, other roads, bridges, waters, administrative boundaries, farmlands, gardens, woodlands, grasslands, other vegetation. Also, users can directly enter the layer name, as shown in the following figure:

    Layer Management Layer Management
  3. Select the layer type which includes point type and line type. To created a new point layer needs to set layer color and dot diameter (1-10 pixels). To create a new line layer needs to set line color,line width (1-10 pixels), and line type (solid line and dotted line etc.).

  4. Click the layer color will display the pop-up window of color dialog box, as shown below:

    Layer Management
  5. Set the size of the point and the width of the line, in the range of 1-10 pixels. If the new layer is point type, it will be added to the list of point layer. If the new layer is line type, it will be added to the list of line layer.

    Layer Management

Open File

The open file support .shp and the .dxf format. Click "Open File" will pop dialog up as follows:

Layer Management
  • When opening the shp format file, LiDAR360 will read the file type (point type or line type) and add it to the list of point or line layer.
  • When opening the dxf format file, the select layer dialog will be opened. Please select the layers needed to be edited and add them into the list of point or line layer according to the type of the layer. Layer 0 is the default layer in DXF format for temporary objects. The user can import it or not depending on specific data. By default, the software doesn't import it.
    Layer Management

Save File

Clicking the "Save File" will open the dialog:

Layer Management
  • Click "Yes" to save all the layers, including displayed layers and hidden layers;
  • Click "No" to save the displayed layers except the hidden layers;
  • Click "Cancel" to cancel the saving of layers.

Remove File

Clicking the "Remove File" will open the dialog:

Layer Management
  • Click "Yes" to save and remove the current layers;
  • Click "No" to remove the current layers without save;
  • Click "Cancel" to cancel the removing of layers.

Export File

Export the layers to .dxf file. Click "Export file" to select target layers opened in the dialog.

Layer Management

Give the save directory and filename befor clicking "OK" to save the file.

Layer Management

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