Vector Editor

Vector Editor can realize the vectorization in the process of drawing digital line. It provides high contrast display effects based on the well displayed point cloud with image data as the background. Therefore, the function can clearly distinguish houses, vegetation areas, roads, street lights, water areas, bridges, and other objects. Moreover, it can generate vectorized results in SHP and DXF format, which support subsequent editing and processing with other third-party software such as ArcGIS and AutoCAD.


Vector Editor provides basic entities (i.e. point, line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, and circular) to complete the mapping of key features of the scene. The above features are organized by the layer and stored in shp file format.

In addition, Vector Editor provide layer merge function, which can integrate the vectorization result into a DXF file. The result can be export and further input to other mapping software to be symbolized and trimmed in order to get the standardized surveying and mapping results.

Note: To get clear display effect of the surface object, the point cloud data should be processed by PCV(Portion of Visible Sky) before vectorization. The following figure shows the point cloud with elevation + EDL mode (left), and the mixed display after PCV processing (right).



Click Vector Editor > Vector Editor

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