Raster to Contour


The contour refers to the closed curve of the adjacent points with equal elevation on the topographic map. Raster to Contour is to connect the grid points that have the same elevation value, which can build the contour.


Click the Terrain > Raster to Contour.

LiDAR360 Terrain


  • Input Tiff File: Input DEM file format in Tiff. The drop-down box allows to select the Tiff data that has already been opened in the LiDAR360 software. Users can also import Tiff data by clicking .OR delete imported Tiff data by clicking .Or clear all the imported data by clicking .
  • Contour Interval(m)(default value is "10"): The elevation difference of the adjacent contour lines.
  • Contour Base(default value is "0"): The elevation of the generated contour is calculated from the base elevation. The difference between elevation of the contour and base elevation is the integral multiples of the contour interval. For example, the contour base is 0 and the contour interval is 10m, thus the distribution of contour is :0, -10, -20, -30, …,10, 20, 30,...
  • Output path: The path where the generated contour file to be saved.
  • Default Value: Click this button to restore all default parameters.

DEM (left below) and contour map (right below).

LiDAR360 Terrain

Note: Use the Elevation Smoothing Tool of LiModel Editor to smooth the contour.

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