Change Detection


To calculate relative height difference between two LiDAR file, and export in .tiff image or .html report. In image, red color indicates increasing part while green color indicates decreasing part, the rest part is rendered in grey. Besides, relative height difference will be added as .LiData additional attributes. This function can be useful on disaster analysis, comparison of illegal buildings, analysis of earthwork changes, analysis of vegetation growth changes etc.


Click Terrain > Change Detection.

LiDAR360 Terrain


  • Reference Cloud: Selected reference LiDAR data, rendered in green.
  • Compared Cloud: Selected LiDAR data to be compared, rendered in red.
  • From Class: Select point class involved in change detection.
  • Cell Size: Grid point cloud data by this value, the smaller the cell size, the more precise the detection.
  • Dz Tolerance: Only height difference larger than the tolerance will be recorded.
  • By Default: Click this button to restore default settings.
  • Output Path: Set output path.

Note: Reference cloud and compared cloud version have to be 2.0 or above. Lower version cloud data can convert to higher version refering to Convert LiData to LiData Note: Users can right click the file name and display the cloud by additional attribute

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