Statistic Individual Tree Attributes


This function is used to correct the tree heigh, crown area, and other individual tree information after the individual tree editing.


Click TLS Forest > Statistic Individual Tree Attributes.



  • Input Data: The input data should be the point cloud after individual tree segmentation.
  • Maximum DBH (meter)(default value is "1.4"): Upper DBH threshold for fitting DBH.
  • Minimum DBH (default value is "1.2"): Lower DBH threshold for fitting DBH.
  • Height Above Ground (meter) (default value is "0.3"): The point above this height will be used in the segmentation. This parameter can help uses to weaken the influence from the ground or grasses on the statistics calculation. If this value is too large, it will impact on the detection of tree structure.
  • Minimum Tree Height (meter) (default value is "2"): This parameter can be set according to the growth situation of trees in the measuring area. It can be used to filter the small trees.
  • Update File (Unchecked by default): If this option is checked and the input file contains the valid DBH values, the DBH values will not be recalculated. Only other attributes will be updated. If this option is unchecked, or the DBH values in the input file is invalid, all the attributes will be recalculated.
  • Output Path: The output path of the statistics result. The file contains the Tree ID, XY location of each tree, tree height, crown diameter, crown area, and crown volume.
  • Default: Reset all the parameters as their default values.

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