Filter Ground Points


Extract ground points from TLS point cloud data.


Navigate to TLS Forest > Filter Ground Points.



  • Input Data: The input data can be a single point cloud data file or multiple data files. Point cloud data should be opened in LiDAR360 before being filtered.
  • From Class: The list of point cloud classes that can be used for ground point filtering. If a certain class is existed in the point cloud and its check box is checked, it will be involved in the filtering operation.
  • To Class: Targeted class.
  • Grid Size (meter)(default value is "0.5"): Resolution of the grid.
  • Ground Thickness (meter)(default value is "0.3"): Point cloud data from the lowest point of the grid to the points with the user-defined thickness will all be classified as ground points.
  • Window Smooth (optional): Use neighborhood grid data to conduct ground point consistency filtering.
  • Window Size (default value is "3"): Size of the neighborhood window. 3 indicates a window size of 3*3.
  • DefaultValue: Restore the default parameters.

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