Trajectory Adjustment

If point clouds discrepancies are still obvious after Boresight, the misalignment may be caused by trajectory errors. With this tool, trajectories and related point clouds can be post-processed and refined.

Click the button Strip Alignment>Trajectory Adjustment, the interface will pop up. This function estimates fluctuating errors of trajectory, then updates point clouds based on correction values.


Check trajectory correction components on the interface, set spline node interval for trajectory fluctuation, click OK button, then the software runs automatically. Point cloud data will be corrected accordingly.

A quality report in HTML format will be generated after correction.

You can use profile tool to view the correction results, as shown below.

Before correction
Before correction
After correction
After correction

Parameter settings

  • Adjust
    • ΔX/ΔY/ΔZ: position components of trajectory correction.
    • ΔRoll/ΔPitch/ΔHeading: angular components of trajectory correction.
  • Spline Node Interval (Sec): Fluctuating corrections for trajectory are calculated based on spline nodes. The smaller the interval, the higher the fluctuation's frequency. A smaller interval is preferred if trajectory errors vary a lot in local region. Default value is valid for most data.
  • Input POS: Input the corresponding POS file of the point cloud.
  • Output:Select the output path for adjusted result data, including point cloud, trajectory and HTML quality report.

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