Data Management

Data management includes Point Cloud Conversion, Raster Conversion, Model Conversion, Vector Conversion and Other Point Cloud Tools:

Data Management


Extract includes: Extract by Class, Extract by Elevation, Extract by Intensity, Extract by Return, Extract by Time.

Point Cloud Conversion

Point Cloud Conversion includes: Convert to ASCII, Convert to TIFF, Convert to Shape,

Convert to DXF, Convert to Las, Convert to E57, Conversion LiData to LiData, Convert to LiData.

Raster Conversion

Raster Conversion includes: Convert TIFF to ddLiModel, Convert to Texture LiModel, Convert TIFF to LiData, Convert TIFF to ASCII.

Model Conversion

Model Conversion includes:Convert LiModel to TIFF, Convert LiTIN to DXF.

Vector Conversion

Vector Conversion includes: Convert Shape to KML, Convert KML to Shape.

Other Point Cloud Tools

Other Point Cloud Tools includes: Remove Outliers, Subsampling, Tile by Range, Tile by Point Number, Merge, Extract Point Cloud Boundary, Extract Color from Image, Noise Filter, Denormalization, PCV, Subdivision, Transform GPS Time, Define Projection, Reproject, Smooth Points.

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