Vector Context Menu


The right button menu of vector data in the layer management tree mainly includes import and export vector data, it also contains display information, display attribute table, zoom to layer, display by elevation, and display by selected color, display by height, and remove opreations for single vector data.

Data Type Context Menu

  • Import Data: The import data format is SHP (* .shp), the same with the function DataAdd.png, see Add Data. Import vector data generate by Point Cloud to Contour) , as shown below:
  • Remove All: Remove all vector data from LiDAR360.

Data Context Menu

  • Info: View the basic information of vector file, including file path, elements count and bounding box.
  • Attribute Table: Displays the property sheet information of the vector data. The result is shown in the figure:

    • Single-click the row or the cell in the attribute table, the corresponding data will be highlighted as shown in the following picture:
    • Double-click the button in front of the row in the attribute table, it will zoom to the corresponding data, as shown in the following picture:
  • Zoom to Layer: Calculates the bounding box of the current vector data, and all windows that contains this file will display globally in this bounding box range.

  • Display by Height: Display the vector data by z value based on selected color bar.
  • Display by Selected: Display the vector data in fixed color, as shown in the following figure:
  • Remove: Remove vector file from LiDAR360.

Note: Except "Import Data", the other function in context menu work on all windows that contains this vector file.

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