Select Tool

Select tool supports to choose arbitrarily in the main window, TIN window, and profile window. After selecting the area, it will be classified by the selected method in the classify panel.


IconDescriptionHot Key
Polygon SelectShift+P
Rectangle SelectShift+R
Circle SelectShift+C
Above the Polyline SelectL
Below the Polyline SelectShift+L
Lasso SelectCtrl+Shift+L
Circular Brush SelectShift+F
Detect PlaneCtrl+Shift+D
Switch Selecting ToolShift+Q
The meanings of the parameters of circular select tool and detect plane are listed as below:

Circular Brush

  • Selection Radius: By setting the radius in pixel of the circular brush, control the size of selecting area.

Detect Plane

Detect plane tool performs the plane growth algorithm by fitting a plane with the points in a selected circle to detect the points within the same plane.

  • Tolerance (meter): The threshold of the distance from the point to be detected to the fitting plane in the selected area. This threshold is aimed to control the thickness of the detected plane.
  • Range (pixel): The range of the points used to generate the initial fitting plane. Users should control the range to ensure that the points are in the same plane.
  • Step Length: The step length of the outward extension of the plane detection.

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