Profile Editor

Description: Profile editing tool allows users to view the profile of the point cloud data in the selected rectangle area. Users can view, meansure, and edit the data in the profile window.If users want to produce the topographic production with high accuracy, it is necessary to manually check and modify the classification results. And the profile tool is used for that. Starting from version of 3.1, LiDAR 360 offers two methods to modify the result of automatic classification, split the data into blocks or edit the data as a whole, and offers multiple winows to display the data. The profile editing panel in LiDAR 360 offers several tools to edit the point cloud data. It is supported to use Hot Keys in this function. Along with the mouse, users can switch the tools easily and finish the inspection and editing efficiently.


Profile and TIN Tool

TIN tool allows users to generate TIN model as an auxiliary tool for viewing and editing the classification results.

Note: The Hot Key P can help to change the lighting condition, in order to improve display effect.

For detailed information, please refer to TIN Tool.

Profile and Measuring Tool

When the profile is turned on, the point cloud window and the TIN window do not support the measurement tools. The profile window supports pick point, multi pick point, length measurement, angle measurement and height measurement tools.

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