Mark Tower


After clicking in the point cloud data and choosing the tower type, user can save the result into LiTower file. After adding the position information of the tower, the software will automatically generate the index and name information of the tower. Index is a number starting from the starting value and incrementing by 1. By default, name is the same as Index. Tower type includes "None", "Tension Tower", and "Straight Line Tower". Double-click the row for each tower to jump to that tower in the displaying window. By checking or unchecking the checkbox in front of "display all tower points" to display or hiding the tower points in the window. Point size can be modified.

Setting of Tower
  • Display All Tower Points (checked by default):Display the tower names or indexes in the window. Uncheck this option to hide the all the tower names or indexes.
  • By Index: Display the tower index.
  • By Name: Display the tower name.
  • Point Size (meter) (default value is "5.0"): Set the red marker sphere and text font size of the tower.

    Select Tower

    Click this button to start to pick the tower points. Click again to exit this function and save the current tower information to the tower.LiTower file in the working directory.

Add Tower After

Add a tower record after currently selected record.

Add Tower Before

Add a tower record before currently selected record.

Delete Tower

Delete the current selected tower record.

Modify Tower Position

Modify the position of the selected tower.

Input Tower File

Input the tower file and renew the tower list in LiTower, txt, csv, and kml file.

Export Tower File

Export the information in the current tower list to LiTower or kml file.

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