Volume Measurement

Brief: This tool is applicable to point cloud data and model data, which calculates filling, cutting and total amount relative to a reference height. The measurement area can be selected either by interactively selecting polygon vertices or by inputting the vector file of the polyons. It's commonly used in volume measurement of coal pile and hull.


  1. After open this tool, the options of volume measurement methods will pop up. If volume measurement is selected, users need to select the measurement area by clicking mouse; if measurement area is defined by file, users can load the file with measurement area information to measure the volume of the target object. It is suggested to adjust the window to top view before the tool is used.
  2. (Optional) Select at least three points to generate the reference plane for volume calculation by left-clicking. Select the last point by double-clicking. The border of the selected region will be rendered in red and the dialog "Volume Measure" will pop up.
  3. (Opetional) Select the SHP file which defines the boundary of the measurement area (supporting defining the measurement area with polygon or closed polyline)
  4. Set the cell size.
  5. Set the reference plane of volume measurement. The options include minimum value, fit plane, and customizing.
  6. Set the data source for volume measurement. The data source type includes the loaded point and all points.
  7. Click the "Compute" button to generate the measurement result, including Projected area, surface area, cut volume, and fill volume. The corresponding volume will be rendered in the scene, as shown below.
  8. Click the "Export" button to export the result in *.pdf format.


  • Cell Size: It defines the smallest unit size for calculation. The smaller the value is, the more accurate the calculation is.
  • Basic Height: It defines the reference plane to calculate filling and cutting.
    • Minimum (Default): Use the minimum height of the selected points as the height of the reference plane.
    • Fitted Plane: Fit the best plane according to the selected points.
    • Customize: This value is specified by the user.
  • Data Source: specify the points used to calculate the volume.
    • Loaded Points: Use the points only in the loaded point cloud files in the specified area. The efficiency is high while the accuracy is low.
    • All Points: Use the points in all the point cloud files in the specified area. The efficiency is low while the accuracy is high.

Note: This tool only works with point cloud data and model data in 3D view.

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