Gradient Measurement

Description: Gradient measurement can be used to measure the gradient on point cloud, raster, or model data. Users can click the mouse to pick the measurement points interactively to measure the vertical angle of the line formed by the selected two points, or the angle between the line formed by the selected two points and the horizon plane.


1. Click the single point of the data with the left mouse button and select the reference point for angle measurement. 2. Double-click the left mouse button to determine the measurement point, and the measurement ends. The measurement angle is drawn in real time in the scene, and the measurement result is displayed in the form of a label in real time (as shown).


Note: This function is only for the angle measurement of point cloud data, raster data, and model data. This function can also be used in the profile window. The undo function can only be used before double-clicking the mouse.

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