Raster Fill

Raster Fill is used to improve the raster by filling in the depression of the raster.

Depression pixel refers to the pixel lower than other surrounding pixels, which is unable to define the flow direction.The pour point is the boundary pixel with the lowest elevation relative to the confluence area of the depression pixel. If the depression is filled with water, the water will pour out from that point.

  1. Z defines the maximum elevation difference between depression pixel and pour point, which decides the minimum depth of the depression area need to be filled.

    For example, suppose the elevation of the pour point in a depression area is 210 feet, and the deepest point of the depression is 204 feet (depth:6 feet). If the z limit is set to 8, this depression will be filled. However, if the z limit is set to 4, the area will not be filled because the depth exceeds the limit value, and it is regarded as a valid depression pixel.

2.All qualified depression pixels will be modified to the elevation of pour point.

3.The more the depression points, the longer the processing time.


The Raster Fill tool uses functions equivalent to the focus flow, flow direction, depression, watershed, and area fill tools to locate and fill depressions. The execution of the tool will iterate until all depressions within the specified z limit are filled. While filling the depressions, other depressions may be created at the boundaries of the filled area, and these depressions will be removed in the next iteration.


Click Geological Analysis> Raster Fill

Raster Fill


  • Input File:Select input tiff file.

  • Output Path:Select output path.

Note: If the raster data is of integer type, the output filled raster data is also of integer type. If the input raster data is of floating point type, the output raster data is also of floating point type.

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