Render to File

Brief: This tool can render the current 3D view as an image file (*.bmp format is supported). The user can also change the zoom factor, which affects the final image size.


  1. Adjust the 3D view to get the scene you want to render.
  2. Click Display > Render to File and you will get a dialog shown as follows.
    Render to File
  3. (Optional) Set the zoom factor.
  4. (Optional) Check or uncheck the "Don't scale features (points size)" according to demand.
  5. (Optional) Set the Output path.
  6. Click "OK" to get the rendered image.


  • Input: Current active window.
  • Zoom: Default value is 1 (original image size). You can increase the rendered image size by setting larger zoom factor (the resulting size is displayed on the right).
  • Don't scale features (points size): By default unchecked. If it is checked, the rendered point size won't be increased, even if the zoom factor is greater than 1.
  • Output path: The file path to which the image will be saved.

    Note: When EDL is on, Render to File tool supports adding the EDL effects to the results.

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