Display Options

Display Options

Brief: Display options include system setting, viewer setting, display mode setting, class settings, and shortcut info. Class priority list under the class settings sets the priority of the classes in the profile, and will be displayed in order on the classification interface and the profile view. Shortcut info includes shortcut keys for the commonly used functions of the system.


  1. Click this button to open the interface shown below. System setting includes UI style setting and language setting. The available styles include scenic, blue, white, and dark gray. Languages include English, Chinese, French, etc.
    Display Options
  2. Click "Viewer Setting" to switch to the interface shown below. The viewer setting includes model display light setting, viewer display, point display setting, and label marker setting. The model display light setting can only be applied to the model files (such as LiModel, LiTin, OSGB, etc.), and the position of the light source can be changed.
    Viewer Setting
  3. Click "Display Mode Setting" to switch to the interface shown below. The display mode setting is to display the checked display mode to the ToolBar, and the unchecked display mode to the other display menu:
    Display Mode Setting
  4. Click "Class Settings" to switch to the interface shown below.
    Class Settings
  5. Click "Shortcut Info" to switch to the interface shown below.
    Shortcut Info
  6. Click "Default All" to restore all settings to default values.


  • Hot Keys: Press P on keyboard to change the light source position.

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