Convert ASCII to BLH


Transform the X, Y, Z information stored in the ASCII data to B (latitude), L (longitude), and H (ellipsoid height) in Geographic Coordinate System. All the other attributes in ASCII file will be kept.


Click Data Management > Projections and Transformations > Convert ASCII to BLH.

Lidar360 ConvertASCIIToBLH


  • Input ASCII Data: Input an ASCII file. The supported formats include .txt and .CSV.
  • Coordinate System of Current Data: Select the coordinate system of current point cloud file
  • Skip Lines: The number of lines that need to be skipped for the currently selected ASCII data (usually description information or column headers).
  • Separator: The separator of each component of the selected ASCII data.
  • Source Projection: Projection information of the selected ASCII data.
  • Output Path: Output the converted file to the specified path.

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