Band Calculator


Band Calculator tool can generate a new raster image based on a user-defined map algebra equation from two single-band images.

Band operator functions and operators include: Basic operations: plus (+), minus (-), multiply (×), and divide (÷); Trigonometric functions: sine sin(x), cosine cos(x), tangent tan(x), arcsine asin(x), arc cosine acos(x), arc tangent atan(x); Other mathematical functions: natural exp(x), natural logarithm log(x), (base-10) logarithms log10(x), square root sqrt(x), quadratic power Power2, cubic power Power3, round integer part, inverse

The band operation function can be applied to single or two raster images, and the input data must meet the following conditions:

(1) The input data must be a single-band image;

(2) The input data must have the same spatial resolution;

(3) The spatial range of the input data must have intersections.


Click Data Management > Raster Tools > Band Calculator

Lidar360 BandCalculator


  • Output path: Path of the output folder. After the function is executed, a new file will be generated after the band operation.

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