Smooth Points


Smooth the laser point cloud based on the neighbouring points, making the point cloud look more consistent.


Click Data Management > Point Cloud Tools > Smooth Points.

Lidar360 SmoothPoints


  • Input Point Cloud Data:Input the LiData point cloud data to be smoothed.

  • Smoothing Type

    • XYZ(Default) :In the 3D smoothing process, the points on the vertical plane are smoothed in the XY direction, and the points on the horizontal plane are smoothed in the Z direction.

    • Elevation :Fit the best fitting plane equation according to the neighboring points, and adjust the elevation of the center point to better fit the plane equation. If the adjustment distance exceeds the repair threshold, no adjustment will be made.

  • Search Radius (m) (Default Value is “0.2”):Search radius of neighboring points.

  • Max Fix Distance (m) (Default Value is “0.1”):The maximum single-point adjustment distance threshold, beyond which it will not be adjusted.

  • Output Path:Set the output path for smooth point cloud files generated by the smoothing process.

  • Default:Restore the setting parameters to the default values.

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