Convert Las to LiData


Convert to LiData can convert point cloud data in LAS or LAZ formats to LiDAR360 customized point cloud format (LiData format).


Click Data Management > Conversion > Convert Las to LiData

Lidar360 ConverttoLiData


  • File List: Import the file that needs to be converted. The file formats currently supported are : .las, .laz. Users need to click Lidar360 DataAdd to select the point cloud data; users can select one or more file(s) in the existing list and click Lidar360 DataDelete to delete them from the list; users can click Lidar360 brush to remove all files in the list.
  • Attributes to Export: Users can select the attributes that need to be exported. All Las attributes are supported.
  • Source Unit: The unit of the importing point cloud file. Choose from meter, decimeters, centimeters, millimeters, feet, and inches.
  • Target Unit: The unit of the exporting LiData. As the only unit supported in LiDAR360 is meter, this option is fixed as "meter".
  • LiDAR Version (The most updated version of LiData by default): The version of the exporting LiData. Choose from 1.9 and 2.0
    • Note: LiData 2.0 supports all the features of LAS 1.4. LiData 1.9 is mainly used to support LAS 1.0 to LAS 1.3. Please refer to LiData Format for details. When exporting from a higher version to a lower version, the exceeded field range limitation will be set as 0.
  • In Geographic Coordinate System (Unchecked by Default): If the input LAS point cloud is in Geographic Coordinate System (BLH), please check this option. And the data will be projected to the projected coordinate system to be displayed normally in LiDAR360.
  • Output Path: Path of the output folder. After the conversion is executed, the converted new file(s) will be generated.

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