Convert LiModel to TIFF


Convert LiModel to TIFF tool converts LiModel format files to raster images in TIFF format. After editing LiModel data, users can use this function to convert the data to TIFF format.


Click Data Management > Conversion > Convert LiModel to TIFF

Lidar360 ConvertLiModeltoImage


  • Input LiModel File: User can select a file to be processed from the drop-down list.
  • Lidar360 DataAdd: Users can add external data files to be converted.
  • Lidar360 DataAdd: Users can select a file in the list and click this button to remove the file from the list.
  • Lidar360 DataAdd: Click this button to clear all the data in the list.
  • Output path: Path of the output folder. After the conversion being executed, the converted new file will be generated.

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