Convert LiData to LiData


Convert the version of LiData file. Currently, the tool supports the conversion between LiData 1.9 and LiData 2.0. LiData 2.0 supports the additional attributes and expands the scope of some attribute fields (i.e., the number of classes has been expanded from 32 to 256). It is required to use LiData 2.0 file to run some of the functions, i.e., change detection, deviation analysis.


Click Data Management > Conversion > Convert LiData to LiData

Lidar360 ConverttoLiData


  • Input Data: Input data could be one or more point cloud files. File format: *.LiData.
  • LiData Version (2.0 by default): The version of output LiData file. It is supported to export LiData in the version of 1.9 or 2.0.

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