Convert TIFF to LiData


Convert TIFF to LiData tool can convert single-band raster data (DEM, DSM, CHM, etc.) to LiData. This tool is particular useful when the users can harldy acuquire point clouds in a certain area but have accurate raster products.Tthis function can help to simulate the point cloud data in that region missing LiDAR points.


Click Data Management > Conversion > Convert TIFF to LiData.

Lidar360 Convert Image to LiData


  • Input TIFF File: Users can select the files need to be processed from the drop-down list. The files will be added to the list of files to be processed.
  • Lidar360 DataAdd: Users can insert external files to be processed.
  • Lidar360 DataDelete: Users can select one file in the list of files to be processed, and click this button to remove this file from that list.
  • Lidar360 brush: Click this button to clear the list of files to be processed.
  • Select Sampling Center: Users can choose either the corner (default) or the center points of the pixels as the sampling center.
  • Output Path: Path of output folder. After the function is executed, the converted new file is generated.

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