Clip by Polygon


Clip by polygon tool extracts the point cloud data within a user-defined polygon vector file, and the extracted points will be saved in one or several files.


Click Data Management > Clip > Clip by Polygon

Lidar360 ClipbyPolygon


  • Input Data: Select one or more point cloud data files. File Format: *.LiData.
  • Interactive Polygon: Click Lidar360 DataAdd to start to create the polygon. Click in the viewer to select the nodes and double-click to end selecting. After this, the polygon will be added to the polygon list. Click Lidar360 DataAdd to delete the polygon in the list.
  • Shape File: Select the vector file pre-loaded in LiDAR360 from the drop-down menu, or click the button Lidar360 DataAdd to load an external vector data file.
  • Ignore Different Additional Attributes: When inputs are several point cloud files, and this option is checked, only the same additional attributes of the point cloud files will be merged. If this option is unchecked, and there are some different attributes in the additional attribute tables, the mergence of different point cloud files cannot be done.
  • Generate Single File: When users choose to export a single file, the point cloud will be clipped by all polygons in the vector data. All results will be saved in one file.
  • Generate Multiple Files: When users choose to export single file, the point cloud will be clipped by all polygons in the vector data. The point cloud in each polygon unit will be saved as one file.
  • Use Attributes Names: When users select to Generate Multiple Files, this function can be used. Users can name the files by selected attributes. When attributes are not available, the files will automatically be named as its idenfication number.
  • Output Path: The generated files will be saved in this output path.

Note: The vector data file used to clip the point cloud data must be a existing polygon file.

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