Display by Scan Angle Rank

Description: Used to display point cloud data. By mapping the scan angle rank attribute of the point cloud data to several uniformly changing color intervals, intuitively show the changes of the scan angle rank of the point cloud data.


  1. Click to activate the window with point cloud data that need to be displayed by file.
  2. Click the DisplayByScanAngleRank.png button in the toolbar, and the window of "display by scan angle rank" will popup. The window is shown as follow.
  3. Select the appropriate color bar in the drop-down box and click the OK button. The color indicator in the lower left corner of the window will automatically map the changes in scan angle rank values of the point cloud data to the selected color bar. At the same time, the point cloud data in the window will be displayed in scan angle rank. For a better display effect, please turn on the EDL effect.

Note: This function is only applicable to point cloud data.

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