Slope Filter


As the name implies, this filtering method extracts terrain based on changes in point cloud slope. Therefore, its drawbacks are as follows: sensitive to slope change, not reliable in steep areas, and easy to flatten the convex parts on the terrain. This method is more suitable for areas with smooth terrain changes, in that case, the filtering efficiency is high. Click this button, and the dialog as shown below pops up.

LiDAR360 Classification


  • From Class: Source class (es).
  • To Class: Target class.
  • Slope Threshold (°, default value is"30"): The maximum slope threshold of the slope between grid point and its 8 neighborhood grids. If it is larger than the threshold, it is classified into non-ground points, and vice versa.
  • Grid Size (m, default value is"1"): The side length of the grid. In addition, a 3 * 3 grid composes a filter window.

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