Classify by Min Elevation Difference


For each point in the data, this function calculates the elevation difference between the lowest point within a specified radius around it and itself. If the elevation difference is between Min Elevation Difference and Max Elevation Difference, that point will be marked as Target Class.


Click Classify > Classify by Min Elevation Difference

LiDAR360 Classification


  • Input Data: The input file can be a single point cloud data or a point cloud data set, which must be opened in the LiDAR360 software.
  • From Class: Source class(es).
  • To Class: Target class.
  • Min Elevation Difference (m, default value is"0"): Threshold for the minimum elevation difference.
  • Max Elevation Difference (m, default value is"1"): Threshold for the maximum elevation difference.
  • Radius (m, default value is"5"): The radius of the area needs to be classified at the current point, which needs to be classified.
  • DefaultValue: Click this button to set all parameters as default.

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