Classify by Interactive Editing


Because it is difficult to attain 100% accuracy with the automatic classification algorithm, human-computer interaction classification is usually required to meet product requirements. Manual inspections and reclassifications are performed in the profile window. The profile tool is used to examine the classification results and modify them. For the accuracy improvement of the classification, real-time changing TINs can be generated to assist the classification.


  1. When performing interactive editing and classification of point cloud, it is better to ensure that the point cloud is displayed in the class display mode.Click on the color bar toolbar to display by class.
  2. Click , open the profile window to start checking the classification results. In the main window of profile mode, point cloud can only be displayed in 2D mode.
  3. Select the point cloud in the main window and select the corresponding point cloud in the profile window. At the same time, the selected area can Up Move by clicking or Down Move by clicking and Rotate by clicking .

  4. For points with inaccurate classification, you can use the Polyline Above Selection and Polyline Below Selection or selection tools ( Polygon selection, rectangle selection, and circle selection, lasso selection, detect plane, and circular brush selection are provided) for reclassification. First click , set the class, then click on the above tools to classify points to specified classs.


5.In general, to visualize point cloud classes more intuitively, you need to generate a TIN. Click the TIN button generate a TIN and intuitively perform interactive classification via the top left and right views of the TIN. You can also use the TIN Left, TIN Right, TIN Up, TIN Down, and Pick Tile functions in the drop-down menu of the TIN to perform interactive classification by block.


6.If the manual classification error needs to be modified, you can undo the previous operations with the shortcut Ctrl + Z, or clear all temporary operations by clicking .

7.After confirming the classification results, you should click to finish save.

Note: After classifying by editing, you need to click the Save button to save it in the file.

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