Classify Close by Points


This function is used to classify those points close to the certain class(es) of points. For each points in the source class, find the points in its specified 2D or 3D neighborhood area, and determine whether these points meet certain conditions (i.e., belong to a specified class). Those points meet the requirement will be classified as the target class.

LiDAR360 Classification


Click Classify > Classify Closeby Points.

LiDAR360 Classification


  • Input Data: The input data could be one point cloud file or a set of point cloud files. The data to be processed must be opened in LiDAR360 software.
  • Neighbor Class: The points of this class which is close to the source points will be classified.
  • Source Class: The points close to this class will be classified.
  • Target Class: Target class of the classification.
  • Search Method: The method for searching in the neighborhood. Support 2D or 3D neighborhood.
    • Radius: Neighborhood search radius.

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