LiDAR360 is the flagship LiDAR post-processing software, which provides comprehensive LiDAR data management and analysis functions. It has over 10 peer-reviewed point cloud processing algorithms which enables it to process more than 300 GB of LiDAR data simultaneously. The software platform also includes versatile editing tools and automatic strip adjustment for increased workflow productivity in applications of terrain, forestry and power line surveying(See the LiPowerline software).

The Terrain module is a suite of GIS tools used primarily for the generation of industry-standard topographic products. Our point cloud filtering algorithm can precisely extract ground points under complex landscapes and therefore improve the terrain surveying accuracy. The module also generates more advanced topographic products, such as TDOM, through the fusion of LiDAR and photogrammetry.

The Forestry module brings important technological innovations to forest inventory and analysis. It provides a unique toolset for manipulating point cloud collected from aerial and terrestrial LiDAR scanners. Defining individual tree level parameters, such as tree height, DBH, LAI, and crown diameter, are made possible through our segmentation algorithms. A range of regression models for predicting forest structures from LiDAR variables are also provided.

Specifically, LiDAR360 has the following modules:

  • Strip Alignment: Point clouds from overlapped strips can be automatically aligned based on strict geometric model. The software can display aligned strips in real-time and generate aligned point clouds with high accuracy. The module also provides a series of tools to check and analyze data quality.

  • Data Management: The module provides management tools for point cloud and raster data, which include format conversion, point cloud de-noising, normalization, raster band calculation and so on.

  • Statistics: Based on the number, density and elevation of LiDAR points, statistics can be calculated for data quality evaluation.

  • Classify: The module provides various classification methods for point cloud classification including ground classification, ground key point classification, interactive classification, machine-learning-based classification (for building, vegetation, and custom classes) etc.

  • Terrain: The module can generate DEM(Digital Elevation Model), DSM(Digital Surface Model), CHM(Canopy Height Model) for geospatial applications. Other related topographic products such as Hillshade, Slope, Aspect, Roughness and Contour are also supported.

  • Vector Editor: The module provides vectorization functions for DLG (Digital Line Graphics) workflow. The software displays point cloud as a high-contrast base map, in which contours of objects (e.g., building, vegetation, roads, street lamps, water, bridges) can be clearly identified and vectorized.

  • ALS Forest: Based on ALS(Airborne Laser Scanning) data, the module can extract a series of forestry parameters(Elevation Metrics, Leaf Area Index, Canopy Cover, etc.), segment individual trees and calculate parameters of individual tree(position, height, canopy, etc.). Moreover, various regression functions are also provided which can be used in combination with field measurement to retrieve forest parameters that cannot be directly derived from ALS LiDAR data (such as biomass or stem volume).

  • TLS Forest: Based on TLS(Terrestrial Laser Scanning) data, the module can estimate the number of trees, extract DBH(Diameter at Breast Height) with batch processing, segment individual tree, and calculate parameters of individual tree(position, height, etc.).

  • Geology: Extract terrain features, geological structure surface features, etc. based on airborne lidar point cloud data.

  • Powerline: Obtaining a clearance distance analysis report based on airborne LiDAR point cloud data, including towers positioning, data classification, and danger point detection.

LiDAR360 Versions

Modules Free Version Full-Featured Version
Data Visualization
Mass Data Support
Data Management 30 Days Trial
Strip Alignment 30 Days Trial
Statistics 30 Days Trial
Classify 30 Days Trial
Terrain 30 Days Trial
Vector Editor 30 Days Trial
ALS Forest 30 Days Trial
TLS Forest 30 Days Trial

Get Started

Please refer to Installation and License to install the software. The usage is described in Tutorials.

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