What ground points filtering algorithm is used in LiDAR360 software?

The actually scanned LiDAR point density is much larger than the DEM point density requirement of the production. Can data be subsampled?

  • If the actually scanned LiDAR point density is much greater than the production demand, you can use the Subsampling tool to subsample the point clouds. This function provides three types of subsampling methods: "Minimum Points Spacing", "Sampling Rate" and "Octree".

Some of the contour lines generated by the function "Point Cloud to Contour" are broken. Why?

  • The broken contour lines may be caused by the lack of ground points. The contours can be contiguous by increasing the parameter "Triangle's Maximum Length" on the interface. For example, set 30 meters up to 50 meters or an even larger value.

    point cloud to contour

During DEM processing, the result of this process has .tiff format. Can I convert this into 3D data?

  • You can convert your .tiff DEM into our custom 3D model format (LiModel). Go to Data Management > Conversion > Convert TIFF to LiModel(../ToolReference/DataManagement/Conversion/ConvertImagetoLiModel.md).

How to check and improve the quality of DEM generated by LiDAR360?

  • You can first create a hillshade map from the hillshade tool in the terrain module. This tool determines the illumination-enhanced surface visualization by setting each cell in the raster. At the same time, you can use Data Management > Conversion > Convert TIFF to LiModel to convert single-band Tiff images to LiModel. The LiModel can be viewed in 3D and is more intuitive. In addition, the model can be edited by using Terrain > LiModel Editor, such as "Flatten Height", "Smooth Height", and "Repair Height" to improve the quality of DEM. Similarly, DSM or CHM data can also be operated as above.

How do you generate a smoother contour for a DEM?

  • Perform a smoothing operation using smooth height tool. Save the data. Then Convert the LiModel back to .tiff format, Data Management > Conversion > Convert LiModel to TIFF(../ToolReference/DataManagement/Conversion/ConvertLiModeltoImage.md). From here perform a contour operation Terrain > Raster to Contour(../ToolReference/Terrain/RastertoContour.md).

How to choose the interpolation method for generating DSM?

  • It is recommended to choose IDW interpolation for forestry area, and TIN interpolation (Spike Free TIN) for urban area.
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