Hardware requirements and supported operating systems

  • RAM: at least 8G or more.
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5/i7; Dual-core processor.
  • Display Adapter: NVIDIA graphics card recommended, video memory no less than 2GB.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit) or Windows Server 2012 or later.

After successful installation on my computer, why does the software crash when I try to open or load data?

  • Please check whether the software installation environment satisfies the recommended hardware configuration. If yes, please check the following two things. (1) Whether the graphic card is working properly. Right click on My Computer, select the device manager, find the corresponding graphic card in the Display Adapter, and view the graphic card properties status. If it shows "this device is working normally", it means that the graphic card device is running properly. (2) Update the graphic card driver to the latest version, and then use the high-performance graphic mode to run the software. For the operating procedure, see adjust the graphics mode to high performance.
  • Please contact us by email info@greenvalleyintl.com to check the reason remotely if you still get an error.

Why does LiDAR360 pop up the message indicating the trial license expired after installation?

license expired
  • The LiDAR360 trial license fail might be caused by the following reasons:

    • System Time Changes: During the trial period, some reasons that may cause system time change, resulting in expired trials.
    • Trial Expiration: LiDAR360 has 30-day trial period for each version. If the same version has been installed for 30 days, the trial has expired.
    • Other Reasons: Please contact us by email info@greenvalleyintl.com.

How to activate LiDAR360?

  • Send Activation Information: Run the software as administrator, click Help > Activate License in the menubar, or double-click the License Manager.exe in the installation directory.
    • Fill in Name (Mandatory);
    • Fill in Company (Mandatory);
    • Select the appropriate module(s);
    • Click Copy;
    • Send an email with the copied content to info@greenvalleyintl.com.
  • Activate License
    • Copy the license code to your local drive. Pleaser refer to the License Manager for license activation.

Does LiDAR360 support Windows Server System?

  • Windows Server is supported.
    • Please install and activate LiDAR360 using the administrator account. The software must be installed in the folder to which all users have access.

Can I continue to use LiDAR360 after the trial period ends?

  • When the trial period ends, you can still use the LiDAR360 software as a point cloud visualization tool. The major software functions, such as the viewer, measurement tool and selection tool in the toolbar will still be available. If you still need a full license or a license for a specific module, please contact us info@greenvalleyintl.com for more information on purchasing the software.

Why the help document in the License Manager window cannot be opened by clicking the help button?

  • Please check if you have set the default program for opening PDFs. If not, please choose one.

How can I use the authorization code on another computer if it cannot be revoked due to the broken of current computer?

  • Please sent an email to us through info@greenvalleyintl.com with the corresponding authroization code. We will revoke the code in the activation server for you so that it can be used in another computer.

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