LiAtt File Format

LiAtt is the additional attribute file format of LiData. It consists of a file header and additional attribute data records.

The additional attribute is supported since LiData V2.0.

The additional attributes are matched with the corresponding LiData file by the file name.

When the non-matching LiData and LiAtt files are manually modified to have the same file name, the software may still be able to recognize all the additional attributes in the LiAtt file, but the corresponding additional attribute values may be incorrect. Modifying the LiAtt may destroy the LiAtt file structure and cause the additional attribute file to no longer be recognized when opening the LiData file next time.

Deleting LiAtt files does not affect the normal use of LiData files. But after LiDAR360 loads LiData, deleting the corresponding LiAtt files may cause some operations to fail and cause unknown errors.

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