Shortcut Keys for Profile Editing

Shortcut Key Meaning
0-9 Modify the currently selected points to the new classification indicated by the number key pressed
L Activate the "Line Above Selection" tool
Shift+L Activate the "Line Below Selection" tool
Shift+R Activate the "Rectangle Selection" too
Shift+P Activate the "Polygon Selection" tool
Shift+C Activate the "Circle Selection" tool
Shift+F Activate the "Circular Brush Selection" tool
Ctrl+Shift+L Activate the "Lasso Selection" tool
Ctrl+Shift+D Activate the "Detect Plane" tool
Shift+Q Switch between different selection tools in order
Shift+E Switch between different classification tools in order
ALt+← Change the selected tile to the left one
ALt+→ Change the selected tile to the right one
ALt+↑ Change the selected tile to the upper one
ALt+↓ Change the selected tile to the lower one
X Activate/deactivate profile tool rotation tool
Ctrl+Shift+S Save
Move the cross-section/profiling area forward
Move the cross-section/profiling area backward
Rotate the cross-section/profiling area clockwise
Rotate the cross-section/profiling area counter-clockwise
R Activate/deactivate profile scene rotation tool

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