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Tutorial Documents

You could find guided tutorials on GVI Tutorial Site for performing common tasks and solving real-world problems using GVI’s hardware and software products. Here are some of the tutorial topics:
• LiDAR360 Software Basics
• Strip Alignment in LiDAR360
• Point Cloud Classification in LiDAR360

Tutorial Videos

LiDAR360 v4.0 Tutorial 01_Boresight Error Correction and Strip Alignment

LiDAR360 v4.0 Tutorial 03_TLS Individual Tree Segmentation from Seed Points

LiPPK + LiMapper for P4R

LiDAR360 v4.0 Tutorial 02_Batch Extraction of DBH

LiPowerline Webinar_Power Line Inspection & Analysis

LiPowerline Realtime Working Conditions Analysis

Knowledge Base

Find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions, How-to articles, and troubleshooting guides on our Knowledge Base site.