Photogrammetry Processing Software

Imagery Efficiency

LiMapper is GVI’s flagship image processing software. LiMapper provides photogrammetry users a quick and user-friendly way of processing imagery datasets. Generate orthomosaics and surface models with ease. It’s ability to handle large datasets is unparalleled, making it an ideal solution for users in need of maximum imagery efficiency. 


Oblique imagery of the Great Wall of China.



• Handle data captured from terrestrial, air manned or unmanned platforms
• Support cameras of various types
• Import external DSM/DEM
• Evaluate the quality and accuracy of the collected data
• Generate DEM based on points classified from point cloud
• Improved display functions including EDL mode
• Mosaic aerial imagery
• Surface model generation
• Process large datasets (>10,000)

LiMapper - import


Import and Export of POS file. Export to Point Cloud. Export DEM/DSM as .tif files.

limapper photo


Our new iteration of LiMapper includes a streamlined and simplified workflow.

LiMapper - hillshade


Hillshade effect for DEM/DSM display. Hillshade effect for DEM/DSM display.

LiMapper - dense cloud


Dense Cloud/Tie Points options for DEM/DSM. High Density for best result; Spare for fast processing.

LiMapper -Stitching line

Display stitching

Display stitching Display stitching Display stitchin Display stitching



Options for different image blending modes – High for best results; Low for fast processing speed.