Recap: Japanese Workshop

We recently wrapped up our Japanese Workshop alongside our partners, Kokyo. Our trip took us to Kyoto, Japan and the surrounding forests for a two-day 3D mapping and processing master class.

Day one saw the GreenValley hardware systems put to the test in post-typhoon Cypress forest stands. While it was fairly difficult to traverse the terrain, the LiBackpack D50 managed to acquire some great sub-canopy data. We also presented the LiAir Series UAV LiDAR systems and collected LiDAR and RGB imagery data.

Day two was a complete showcase of the software suite, LiDAR360 and the ALS/TLS Forest modules. Liam Maier, our Solutions Engineer, gave participants an overview on how to extract individual tree metrics from the previous days data. Also by popular demand, was a tutorial on co-registering LiBackpack and LiAir data sets together. For more on this, be sure to check out our article here.

The GreenValley team also managed to scan some other sites such as tunnels, Rokkakudo temple and Shijo subway station. We will be releasing some of these datasets over the coming weeks.

LiBackpack D50 - Japanese forest