Drones for Field Science - Kyoto, Japan

Kokyo and the LiBackpack

It was great to see GVI distributor, Kokyo Inc., present our LiDAR hardware and software at this years ‘Drones for Field Science’ event, held in Kyoto, Japan. The event, hosted by Skylink, Japan’s largest authorized DJI dealer, saw participants from research, forest management and infrastructure surveying companies.

Over April 14th & 15th, Kokyo Inc. showcased the LiBackpack, giving participants a hands-on demo of the practicality and accessibility of our handheld technology. Also on display was our post-processing software, LiDAR360. Point cloud data collected from the morning session was visualized with minimal processing.


Recently, the LiBackpack has seen considerable interest from Japanese end-users. Clients in forest inventory and analysis sectors see the potential benefits from gathering structural data from underneath the canopy. Data outputs including DBH (diameter at breast height) and sweepness (main stem straightness), allow foresters to assess both tree growth and potential profitability.

kyoto libackpack 2