Spatial Data Science Bootcamp – Geospatial Innovation Facility

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Spatial Data Science Bootcamp – Expand your Geospatial Toolkit

University of California, Berkeley – In partnership with, Geospatial Innovation Facility and the International and Executives Programs

Sponsored by GreenValley International – Map the World in 3D

Geospatial technology’s importance in modern science is increasing at a staggering rate.  Challenges posed by the climate, energy, resources and land are more efficiently addressed through spatial data science. Likewise, understanding spatial data science is paramount to an industry’s adaptability and growth. Integrating this technology into a wide array of applications allows for superior analysis, faster project development and a more efficient means of delivering results.  

GreenValley International is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2017 Spatial Data Science Bootcamp. This annual event is run, in partnership, by the Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF) and the International & Executive Programs (IEP). The boot camp, which takes place from March 29th – 31st 2017, will give participants a deeper knowledge of the major advances in the world of geospatial technology. The 3-day certificate will coach attendees on topics such as big data processing, open-source tools, spatial analysis methods and visualization tools. The certificate will supplement and optimize the participants existing skills by exploring a number of reliable workflows.

Jacob Flanagan, Manager of Product Development and Strategic Support, will be representing GreenValley International at the event. His extensive background in GIS and engineering gives him a rich insight into the industry and the developments to come.

GreenValley International’s founding members are experts in the fields of forest ecology, remote sensing, software development and GIS. Like GIF, GreenValley International strives towards geospatial innovation, continually providing scientific and industry professionals with comprehensive geomatic solutions. The company puts special focus on spatial analysis methods, highlighted in their in-house software suites. Jacob will outline GreenValley International’s involvement in the industry, ranging from product R&D to project development.

The 3rd-annual event further highlights the growing necessity for more specialized and understood workflows that benefit geospatial professionals. GIF will supply a wealth of resources for learning more about each element of the spatial data pipeline and provide invaluable, future takeaways for participants.


The Spatial Data Science bootcamp is limited to 30 participants. Attendees are expected to have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of GIS and basic experience with programming language.

3 Day Technical Bootcamp
$1,500 with 10 spots reserved at $1,200 for academia/non-profit

Course fees cover instruction, a digital handbook, breakfast, morning and afternoon refreshments, and one evening networking reception. For the hands-on tutorials, participants will use computers hosted at the GIF and are not required to bring laptops. A digital handbook will be distributed including presentation materials, exercises, code and more resources.