Partnerships: GreenValley International & Variac Systems India

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Partnerships: GreenValley International and Variac Systems India






GreenValley International is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Variac Systems India. Variac Systems has signed on to become a distributing agent of GVI products and services throughout India.

Variac Systems is a leading GIS technology provider within India. Headquartered in Chennai, India since 1996, they have vast experience in GIS Geospatial, CAD Engineering and Big Data.

Our combined efforts to bring geospatial tech to the Indian market is underscored by our deep understanding of the market, not to mention the complimentary nature of our industries. Variac Systems vast experience in GIS data will see the added value and strength of the LiBackpack in applications within the region.


The LiBackpackā€™s integration of the VLP-16/HDL-32E has garnered much praise from industry leaders and experts. Visualize this integration in some of our test scans, seen here. We are continually upgrading and undergoing R&D with our products. As such, we appreciate client feedback on our products as a compass to guide our innovation efforts. For more information, on our products and services please go to or please visit