ISC 2017 Recap: The LiBackpack and LiDAR360 on Full Display in Kuala Lumpur

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ISC 2017 Recap: The LiBackpack and LiDAR360 on Full Display in Kuala Lumpur


The GreenValley International team had a wonderful experience at this years International Surveyor’s Congress (ISC) conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  During the two day event, there was a steady flow of interest and fascination with our products workflow from LiDAR handheld scanning LiBackpack to its post-processing in LiDAR360. Representing GreenValley International was Patrick Phillips (South-East Asian Marketing and BD Manager) and Simon Chung, Director of Jurukur Professional, GreenValley International’s exclusive distributor in Malaysia.

Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia

Hosted by Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia, the event was small but lively. With a steady stream of foot traffic, there wasn’t a moment’s rest for the GVI team, as inquisitive attendees questioned the applicability of our technology in the BIM/surveyor industry. We managed to capture some great point cloud using the Velodyne VLP-16. The outdoor to indoor flow was made possible through our SLAM technology. automatically stitching the data together allowed us to see an accurate depiction of the hotel and its surroundings.

LiDAR technology has tremendous upside within BIM but as of yet, has been unable to satisfy client needs. Toolsets such as georeferencing have been unreliable within 3D mapping. LiDAR360 v1.4 (Release TBC) will include a new ‘Georeferencing’ toolset which will automatically correct for misalignment issues which are inherent when matching 3D control points. LIDAR360 v1.4 will solve these issues plus more with a comprehensive and intuitively designed interface. We are constantly updating our software based on client and industry standards and as such, we value feedback/suggestions.

Meeting with some of Malaysia’s largest industry players, we were able to learn a lot about projects, surveyor necessities and how GreenValley may assist as a complete, turnkey solution provider. We believe the accuracy of our hardware and the processing capabilities of our software present a comprehensive workflow solution.


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