GVI Visits Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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GVI Visits Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


berkeley lab BIM
BIM of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


BIM of Nanjing, China Subway Station





After the GreenValley International team’s productive meeting with Velodyne last week, we are back at headquarters in Berkeley for more demonstrations to show the capabilities of our products LiBackpack, LiAir and LiDAR360. We visited both the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley’s Drone Workshop. First up was the GVI UC Berkeley’s Drone Workshop which showcased the LiAir and coached attendees through the entire process from capturing point cloud to post-processing.

Following the Drone Workshop was our fruitful discussion/tests with leading scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Representing GVI was Jacob Flanagan, Technical Director and our General Manager, Leo Liu). The team at LBNL was given an in-depth look at the GVI LiBackpack system, and was greatly pleased  by the adaptability and its ease of use, as well as the quality of the point cloud data which it can produce. As seen in the pictures below, using our powerful post-processing software, LiDAR360 we can render highly accurate 3D images from point cloud data. (Check out some of our amazing point cloud images here).


As you can see the LiBackpack can capture some pretty stunning BIM point cloud. Mapping the exterior of the building, we can see the level of detail obtained. This level of detail is also apparent indoors, largely due to our innovative SLAM algorithm. Watch this space as we continue to develop our case study catalog.

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A key feature of our company ethos, focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for our customers. Providing hardware, software, data processing and after sale servicing gives us the unique ability to offer a true turnkey solution. It is this, that has allowed our team to continue to grow as we develop more partnerships worldwide.

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