GreenValley and GeoTech Product Workshop in Slovakia

GreenValley International’s marketing and solutions team recently traveled to Slovakia to take part in a product workshop hosted by regional partner, Geotech, a major provider of surveying and remote sensing solutions since 1991. The event was held at Hotel Senec; which is located about 30 km east of the Slovakian capital, Bratislava.

GreenValley aimed to provide the 50+ attendees with a thorough overview of not only the products but how they can be utilized to achieve results on real-world projects. Participants mostly hailed from surveying with a peppering of forestry, education and law enforcement professionals also present.


The morning session comprised of company and product overviews, focusing on the recent release of the handheld mobile mapping system, LiBackpack C50 and point cloud post-processing software LiDAR360 v3.1. The LiBackpack C50 integrates both LiDAR and a 360° panoramic camera to produce a true color point cloud in as long as it takes to walk the surroundings. Having the LiBackpack C50 present allowed the GreenValley team to map the entire lower level of the hotel which mostly consisted of several various-sized conference rooms.


Following the morning session, our Solutions team presented functions and workflows found in software LiDAR360 specifically for surveying such as the recently included Multi Point Picking Tool. The tool allows a user to assign attributes to points such as position, intensity, return number, classification and GPS time. LiDAR360 also allows users to import/export the feature lists. For a free trial, please download from here.


Terrestrial LiDAR scans captured by the LiBackpack were used to present other workflows such as extracting individual tree metrics from forest LiDAR data. LiDAR360’s TLS Forest module allows foresters to understand crucial metrics at tree-, plot- and stand-level such as DBH (diameter by breast height), volume, height, etc.

GreenValley looks forward to returning to Europe later this year for the Intergeo 2019 conference in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information or a quote, please visit or contact


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