GPN Partner Activity——Kokyo shows the LiBackpack C50 at the 2019 Smart Sensing expo

From June. 5th to June. 7th, the smart sensing 2019 expo organized by JTB Communication Design has taken place in Tokyo, Japan. The expo was mainly focused on displaying the current state-of-the-art digital technology like sensors for light, temperature, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and data exchange. According to the statistics, there were about 44000 people who have participated in this huge event. Therefore, it can be concluded that this expo has caught many people’s attention. It has demonstrated the bright future remote sensing technology has.

As one of the most advanced digital technology company, Kokyo, one of the GVI’s (GreenValley International Inc) distributor, was one of the companies who had its product displayed at the 2019 smart sensing expo. They brought GVI’s Libackpack C50 to the expo and demonstrated its function and endless potential to all of the visitors. Libackpack C50 is GVI’s advanced flexible mobile laser scanning system which provides solutions to handle indoor and outdoor applications. Libackpack C50 is transformable which allows users to switch between handheld mode and backpack mode which makes it suitable for various working conditions. Through this expo, Green Valley International has successfully shown to the participants of the expo the importance of remote sensing technology to modern society. This was a remarkable step for Green Valley International at the global market.

新建 Microsoft PowerPoint 演示文稿

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