GIF Recap and 2017 AAG Underway

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Blog: Geospatial Events – GIF Recap and 2017 AAG Underway

The 2017 Spatial Data Science Bootcamp, hosted by the  Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF),  was an overwhelming success. The bootcamp saw a great mix of people from different industries with a common focus on mastering spatial data science. The Geospatial event was led by UC Berkeley’s Maggi Kelly, Professor of Environmental Science, Policy and Management and co-sponsored by GreenValley International. She reviewed innovative techniques to manage, analyze and visualize spatial data science and in turn we showcased some of our methods that have proven to be effective in our workflow.

Jacob Flanagan, Head of Product Development at GreenValley International showcased our flagship hardware system, LiBackpack. The LiBackpack is GreenValley International’s new, lightweight POS-less mobile system. Demoing the system, Jacob managed to capture some stunning point cloud of UC Berkeley’s surroundings. Its versatility can be highlighted in the pictures below.

image and point cloud comparison photo

Our group photo managed to impress the attendees in what we are dubbing as the world’s first LiSelfie. The LiBackpack’s strength in capturing outdoor to indoor point cloud is achieved using our SLAM algorithms.

image and point cloud trees

Here is a photo with point cloud comparison of Northern California Eucalyptus trees. Forestry is one of the most common and useful applications of the LiBackpack.

Here is a point cloud image of the interior of our office building auditorium. A key feature of the LiBackpack is its ability to accurately and robustly map indoors.Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an application which benefits from the systems ability to function without GPS.

image of auditoriumSimpoint cloud of theater ultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology allows a mobilized, indoor LiDAR system to effectively position itself.

According to Jacob, “GreenValley International had a great reception from the group and Maggie is excited to get going on some future UC Berkeley collaborations.” Maggi Kelly of the Geospatial Innovation Facility was equally excited and enthusiastic about the collaborative event with GreenValley International stating, ”we had an excellent 3 days with wonderful people from a range of locations and professions.” We will continue our cooperation with UCB and GIF in some exciting ways so stay tuned on things to come.

Current Geospatial Event:

The GreenValley team is on the East Coast this week attending the 2017 AAG gathering in Boston, where the LiBackpack will again be on full display. Check for our next blog where we will be posting pics of the event and our team.

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